Ohana News - February 2023

Word: Accuracy

Color: Green

DON’T FORGET DUES ARE DUE! (from the 1st-8th of each month)

CLOSED: February 20th for Presidents Day

Striping: Feb. 22nd, 23rd, 24th for Green stripes!

Just a reminder:

Belt testing is coming up close to the end of March! Please be mindful of the requirements that make a student eligible to be considered for the test. These requirements include:

Belt level forms (Starting from Starblock and up):

Please see the front desk or talk to Sensei Anita if you need pre-recorded videos to practice your forms at home. If you need clarification on what forms you should know based on your belt level, please call or see the front desk. We can gladly help!


Beginners MUST make a minimum of 8 classes per month (2-3 days per week)

BBC students MUST make a minimum of 12 classes per month (3 days a week or more)

Master Main and Sensei Anita will notify students and parents who are eligible for the March Belt Testing. We will keep you posted for any updates on the Belt Testing date and times.

For any other help or information, please call Sensei Anita at (808) 276-2621 or the Front Desk at (808) 877-5435.



Master Main

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