• Master Main - Owner and Master

    Born and raised in New Zealand, Master Paul Main started training with famous Korean instructor Master Shim Sang Sol in 1982.  He received his first black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, under Master Shim and Un Yong Kim (President of Kukkiwon) in the late 1980's.  In 1991 Master Main moved to Maui, Hawaii where he continues to teach today.

  • Sensei Anita - Co-Owner and Instructor

    Originally from and raised in Fiji, Sensei Anita Main moved to Maui in 1992.  She began studying Tae Kwon Do in 2005 and earned her first black belt in 2013 under Master Paul Main.  She recently earned her second degree black belt in 2019 also under Master Paul Main and is an expert in women's self defense.  

  • Sensei Reshmi "Cookie" Rao Instructor

    Born and raised on Maui, Cookie began training in Tae Kwon Do at age 7 and earned her black belt at age 16.  While currently studying medicine at the University of Hawaii, she continues to sharpen her skills by training at the school and shares her knowledge with the students as an instructor. 

  • Instructors

    Sensei Anita, Sensei Cookie, and Black Belts Kalema and Jonah are the most senior students and use their knowledge from years of training to coach the Ohana.

  • Senior Belts

    Red belts and upwards help train the rest of the students in the dojo.

  • Line Leaders

    When Master Main knows you are ready students start training as line leaders, to hold pads and learn to coach students.