Ohana News - March 2024

Aloha Ohana,

Demo Team

Congratulations to our Demo Team at the Chinese New Year celebration at Maui Mall! Our youth and teenage groups did awesome, and we are all so proud of them!

Stick Fighting Competition Information

The tournament will be held on Saturday March 16th in Honolulu at Susannah Wesley Gym. (Registration starts at 8:30am).

All competitors MUST have a face shield (attached to helmet), gloves, groin cup (boys), and closed toed tennis shoes (eg: adidas, nike, etc), and a mouthpiece (preferred but not required).

On the day of the tournament, please arrive wearing a black Ohana Martial Arts T-shirt, your taekwondo gi pants, and shoes.

We request that all supporters wear a black Ohana shirt as well.


Striping will take place March 27th, 28th, 29th

Belt Testing

Belt testing will be held on Saturday March 30th.

Students will be selected for belt testing and if they qualify they will be notified by Master Main.

Qualifications include attendance and knowledge of belt level requirements (eg: belt level forms, drills).

Testing times will be announced in the coming weeks!

For any questions or concerns, please see the front desk or call Sensei Anita on (808) 276-2621.


Master Main

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