Ohana News - September 2023

Word: Intensity

Color: Red

Aloha Ohana,

A huge mahalo to all our wonderful students and families who donated to the families displaced by the Lahaina and Kula fires. Our Maui community has really shown the true meaning of OHANA!

Our love and support is always going to be there for everyone who has lost family members, homes, and businesses during this disaster.


Dues are due from the 1st–8th of each month!  Please call/text Sensei Anita or see the front desk if you will not be able to make the payment deadline before the 8th.

Payments made after the 8th are subject to a $20 late fee if you do not communicate with us. We will be happy to accommodate a day that is good for you.


We are closed September 4th for Labor Day.


Striping is September 27th, 28th, 29th.  DO NOT miss out on striping as the stripes count towards points for belt testing.

Belt Testing

Belt testing is September 30th (Saturday). We will be practicing drills and skills for test advancement.

Please make sure to keep your attendance up to qualify for belt testing.  You MUST also know ALL your belt level forms!

Belt testing times are to be announced later on in the coming weeks. We will notify you when we have set the times for each belt level. 



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